What ist the aim of the Revolutionäre Aufbau Schweiz?

The Revolutionäre Aufbau fights for a revolutionary change of the contemporary political and economic system.

We fight against capitalism in general, against dismissals, wage cuts and the discrimination of women. Furthermore we fight against commodification of education, against repression of the state, against the destruction of the ecological system, against fascism, against imperialistic war and against reactionary agitation.

These elements of revolutionary politics, i.e. theoretical formation and practical realization on the streets, at work, in schools, at university will only become a revolutionary force in their combination. It requires, however, a process of organizing. Separately and individually we are powerless – as a collective we are powerful. An important aim of the Revolutionärer Aufbau, thus, is to organize the isolated workers, students, apprentices, and employees.

You will find us at demonstrations on the streets or presentations on various topics, you might get a flyer in your school or university or read our wall newspaper at your work place. Revolutionary content demands differentiated revolutionary forms.

We do not only offer resistance against the contemporary ruling conditions, but rather base our struggle on an alternative to capitalism. In this new, and other society, it is not the capitalists who appropriate surplus value as private profit. We refuse a system that subjects mercilessly all human interests, needs, and relations to the logic of capital. An important aim for us is to overcome the division of economy and politics with their particular processes of decision-making. After building up socialist relations of production and a proletarian administration, the division of these spheres will be abolished. On the basis of that, we support self-determination of the working class‘ organization of work in various sectors. There is an alternative to competition, exploitation and alienation from work.

In a communist society – which we certainly do not equalize with the failed attempts in the Soviet Union and China – there will be no ruling of people over other people, it will be a classless society. It should be a society where there is a perspective of life that succeeds forms of immediate sustainment of life.

Are you interested in the political work of the Revolutionäre Aufbau? You will find us at demonstrations and other political interventions, you can read our newspaper „Aufbau“ or our wall newspapers on the streets, hear our program „Rote Welle“ on Radio Lora (97,5 Mhz or www.lora.ch) or visit our own website www.aufbau.org.

In short: get in touch with us!